Create Your Connection

Create Your Connection takes you and your partner on a journey towards ever deepening intimacy. Including emotional, spiritual and physical connection, this Ulti-Mate workbook is the antidote to increasing distance and distress. Togetherness is about having a spark and about making your hearts sing! Alignment and attunement with each other are vital for your emotional and physical wellbeing. Unfortunately these are not automatic, but the ultimate Creator of Connection has wired you both for success in intimacy, and absolutely wants to be central to your deeper connecting!

This is the second of the four Ulti-Mate Workbooks recommended as the ideal accompaniment to Re-Spark.  This is the new online course for couples coming soon, that will lead your relationship on a journey through Re-Pair to Revival.




Create Your Connection is the Ulti-Mate workbook for you as a couple to create togetherness in your hearts and your home. Beautifully presented, with informative and inspiring content, this comprehensive guide leads you step by step through creating new ways to connect with each other. With worksheets to empower you and facilitate encounter with Jesus, this workbook will take you as a couple to new heights of connection in every aspect of your relationship.


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