Capture Your Convergence

Capture Your Convergence is a strategic workbook to empower you  as a couple to transform your differences into your destiny.  You and your partner both have your unique experiences and giftings.  In the beginning it feels like ‘opposite attract’ and then over time it can feel like ‘opposites attack’. Handling your diversity can be hard. In the natural it could be as if you are pulling in different directions in some aspects of your marriage, and your hearts can end up feeling stretched and torn.

However Jesus is your Ulti-Mate leveller. He is the one who raises up every valley, who brings every mountain down, who makes your crooked ways straight and your rugged places a plain. He invites you both to uplevel your differences, and therein you discover your divine destiny as a couple, chosen by your King to carry His Kingdom.

This is the fourth Ulti-Mate Workbook in the series that is recommended as the ideal accompaniment to the Re-Spark. This is the new online course for couples coming soon, that will take your relationship on a journey through Re-Pair to Revival.




Capture Your Convergence is the Ulti-Mate workbook for you as a couple to come up higher in  harnessing your differences. Rather than these being a source of distress between the two of you, Becoming Bride seeks to empower you both to see these areas of your relationship transformed into places of delight. Beautifully presented, with informative and inspiring content, this comprehensive guide leads you step by step in seeking to discover God’s great plan for your marriage. With worksheets to empower you and facilitate encounter with Jesus, this workbook will take you as a couple from feeling hopeless about your places of difference to harnessing your divine destiny.


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