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Glorifying God and Showcasing You!

A very warm welcome to Becoming Bride, your prophetic Christian ministry! We are so excited to offer you a blend of Spirit-led products and services, all focused on encountering Jesus as your Bridegroom King.  Ranging from Counselling and Coaching to Courses, Resources and Mentoring for you and your marriage, Becoming Bride is here for your breakthrough and blooming in Your Ulti-Mate Life!  You are designed to shine as His sign…

dare to dream

Look at you now, arising as the dayspring of the dawn,
fair as the shining moon,
bright and brilliant as the sun in all its strength
Song of Solomon 6:10

 Imagine a beautiful, budding and becoming woman, who does not always feel, or see herself, like that…

She wakes up one day to the ancient, open, regal, door that is before her, inviting her to step into her true story…

She is invited to take her place now in her Happy Ever After story of Bridal fulfilment and fruitfulness, that is already written in Heaven…


This is not a fairy tale, it’s your Father’s tale…

It could be your true story…

The enemy wants you stuck as Sleeping Beauty.  Jesus your Bridegroom King has come to kiss you awake into living your Bridal life, now and forever, as His Shining Beauty…

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Our dream

Becoming Bride is championing you on to become and bloom as all you are made and called to be

Founder & your bridal ambassador

Meet Andrea

A very warm welcome to Becoming Bride!

Hello Lovely, let me introduce myself!  I am Andrea Tibbitts, and I was called by Jesus to Bridal Ministry at the lowest point in my life. Twenty years ago I suffered the loss of a baby girl through miscarriage, I was devastated and distraught. I could not understand how a good God could have allowed this to happen. Then an encounter with Jesus changed everything… He promised me that I would raise a little girl and she would become the Bride of Christ.  The Spirit leapt in my womb and I felt a excitement beyond what I had ever known…

After years of serving clients, and training for International Certification as a Couple Therapist in Emotionally Focused Therapy, a Christian Encounter Coach, a Christian Life Breakthrough Coach and a Christian Marriage Breakthrough Coach, I am looking forward to serving you!  We are all called to be the Bride of Christ, let’s get ready together… 

be listening

Make listening to His heart your lifestyle

be loving

Always focus on what pleases your King

be leaning

Lean on your Beloved, yield to His leading

be bridal

Partner with Jesus to fulfil your destiny

We believe

Our Core Values

Becoming Bride is all about the King, you embracing Him and His Kingdom. You are called to be Queen…

"Your Bridegroom is waiting for your 'Yes'."


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Ready for your royal wedding?

What if your whole life is about that day?

This is your invitation to step into 

Bridal Breakthrough, Bliss, Becoming & BRILLiance

 Make this your moment…