Calm Your Conflict

Calm Your Conflict leads you slowly and safely by the hand on a journey from storm to serenity. Given the reality that conflict will never go away in a relationship, this Ulti-Mate workbook empowers you each individually and as a couple to embrace it positively.  When you have specific strategies and you have solutions, your experience of your conflict can be transformed from oppression to an opportunity to connect.  With Jesus invited into the core of your storm, what better way to secure safety and create calm ?

This is the first of the four Ulti-Mate Workbooks recommended as the ideal accompaniment to Re-Spark. This is the new online course for couples coming soon, that will lead your relationship on a journey through Re-Pair to Revival.




Calm Your Conflict is the Ulti-Mate workbook for you as a couple to create harmony in your heart and your home. Beautifully presented, with informative and inspiring content, this comprehensive guide leads you step by step through identifying the cause of your conflict to managing the consequences. With worksheets to empower you and facilitate encounter with Jesus in your hard places, this workbook will take you as a couple from feeling powerless to powerful.


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