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“I think it’s rare to find a therapist who has the people skills, training, connection with the Holy Spirit, and the ability to marry these things together in such an effective way. Andrea has helped me to make real progress in areas I once feared were hopeless.  Andrea believes so passionately in what she is doing I can’t help but feel valued, safe and hopeful through speaking with her”

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are having problems in your relationship, and your partner is willing to work on them too, then I would suggest starting with couple sessions. If you then decide you would prefer individual instead we could transition to that, but we cannot easily transition the other way around.

Counselling and Coaching have some differences and some similarities. Generally counselling is more focused on dealing with the past and emotional pain, whereas coaching is more forward focused. it is often more pragmatic around specific strategies of how to get to where you want to be. You do not need to know which you require, generally there will be a blend of both. God is the Wonderful Counsellor and the Master Coach, he will give you exactly what you need! 

Absolutely not! It can be really encouraging when we are asking God together and the other person confirms that what you are hearing is the Lord!  Also sometimes it be helpful to ask Jesus different questions to those you have been asking when  you felt like you heard nothing. Ultimately you hearing God for your situation is vital for your heart and for you having clarity on your strategies, so I will stand with you and we will seek the Lord together. I love the prophetic and know that one word from your King can change everything!

Bridal Counselling and Coaching incorporate the three elements of your true identity, intimacy and destiny as the Bride of Christ. The focus is on your relationship with Jesus to break through your blocks and embrace His truths on a heart level. We do this by facilitating encounter with Jesus during the sessions and following His lead. Other Christian Counsellors and Coaches may not do this.

Of course!  The Bridal focus can be as explicit or implicit as you would like.  Jesus wants to meet you where you are, and when you encounter Him in your heart you are transformed more into HIs likeness, and moved forward in your situation, without even having to try! 

The Bible tells is that Jesus is coming back for His Bride, who has made herself ready. We have a responsibility now to be preparing ourselves for that. It is one Bride that He is returning for, His Corporate Church, and so it includes men, women, single, married, separated and divorced. The Bridal call is not determined by gender or marital status. It does not in any way detract from your earthly marriage to your husband, and your commitment to that. In fact your husband is invited to be the Bride as you are, just as we women are also called sons of the Father!  The more you live loved, from that place of embracing your true Bridal identity in Christ, the better wife you will be to your husband now!