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When we are investing in our personal journey, it is vital that we can trust the competence of those we turn to for support and guidance along the way.  So please ask the questions you need to, so that your heart can get the reassurance it needs to feel at home.

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Because we know from Revelation 19:7 that Jesus is coming back for His bride who has made herself ready.

You are still the child of the Heavenly Father, and indeed the friend of the Holy Spirit! However the Father has been raising you up in maturity, in preparation for you to one day be part of the corporate Bride for His Son.

Jesus longs to be your first love, and as such He is passionate about you experiencing how much He loves you. The more you experience that, the more in love with Him you will be . However this is the purest form of love, there is nothing sexual about it. He is the holy King of Kings!  We love Him and He invites us into the deepest intimacy with Him but we still come to Him with reverence and awe.

Only positively! The more you experience the love of Jesus, the more are led by Him in intimacy, the better wife you will be. You are called to love your husband and he has been given to you as a gift. How much more you can do that when you are living beyond your best self, as your Bridal self.

 Absolutely not! Every detail of your heart and your life matters to God, whatever it’s about. So it matters to us here at Becoming Bride too.

We are all invited to be part of His corporate Bride, single, married, separated, divorced or widowed.  Embracing your Bridal journey does not conflict with you being married, it complements it!

Not at all!  You are called to be His Bride, as we all are, but you may well be called to be married too! It is not one or the other, it can be both, and…

No definitely not!  Whilst sex in marriage in the natural is a gift from God, it will not have a place in your marriage in the Spirit. Jesus is holy and He wants to bless your sexual relationship with your husband

There may be a very small component of teaching during an individual or session. However the main emphasis will be on choreographing your encounters with Jesus to meet with you in your heart. There is far more teaching in the Courses that Becoming Bride offer than the Coaching or Counselling sessions.

 Absolutely!  God wants to meet you and bless you where you are. We can have a different relationship with our Heavenly Father, to that which we have with Jesus, to that which we have with the Holy Spirit.  We want to honour and help you deepen all of those!

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Coaching, Counselling & Courses

It makes sense that you want to know what to expect before you invest!

Sessions are usually 50 minutes in length. The frequency varies depending on the level of urgency, the level of distress and your desire for breakthrough. At the beginning of the process weekly sessions are most common option, but there is flexibility on what works for you. Generally over time sessions become less frequent as it is more about embedding the progress you have made.  You also have the option of booking a Retreat day to accelerate your progress.  The format of that day would be designed around your unique needs. An initial conversation would be necessary to explore whether or not such a day would be best for you at this time.

You could do some significant individual work on your marriage in individual sessions. However you can only make so much progress without your husband being present and collaborating in the process. We could only have a few individual sessions before it would then become best for you both to see a different couple therapist. It is important that you both feel that the therapist is neutral and impartial, which is much more difficult when there is already a therapeutic alliance with one partner in the couple.

You are very welcome to just book one session without obligation, and decide how you want to proceed after that. The first session is always an assessment anyway. By the end of the 50 minutes the hope is to be able to give you a recommendation as to a next best step for you individually, or as a couple.  If you are considering couple sessions then after the first joint session an individual session would be offered for each of you. This would also form part of the assessment. In certain situations an alternative route is suggested to Becoming Bride.

We always want to honour and respect differences in faith or spiritual experience. Safety is a pre-requisite to therapy.  Physical safety, emotional and spiritual safety are all key to making the therapeutic space healthy and healing. This topic would be explored as part of the assessment and an integral aspect of the contracting for our work together.  Whilst it would not be appropriate to facilitate encounter with Jesus in the sessions, we could do that in your own individual session if you wanted to. What would be important to explore though together would be how that difference in faith experience in your marriage informs your relationship dynamic and emotional connection.

There are many Becoming Bride courses in the pipeline. They will all be offered as online courses that you can do in your own time at home. However there will also be the option to do these live if there is demand, and the hope is to be able to offer courses for groups of women together online. For both individuals and couples, there will be the optional extra of adding personalised Coaching sessions to supplement the Course content and help embed your success.

At the moment all sessions are online, but the hope is that in the future this service will also be offered face to face.  For the Retreat days, these can be offered in a Surrey hotel if the additional room hire costs are covered. Please email brilliance@becomingbride.net if you would like to find out more.

Maybe you have questions about your Bridal Ambassador? I am the Founder of True Love Central too, The Christian Centre for Love Excellence. You are also invited to visit http://www.truelovecentral.net!

I am called by God!  Twenty years ago I had a traumatic miscarriage of a baby girl and I was devastated. There were a whole series of events that compounded around that situation to add further to my grief and despair.  After I came home from the hospital Jesus appeared to me and promised me that I would raise a little girl, and she would be the Bride of Christ. That was a life defining moment for me. Through that brief encounter with my Bridegroom King I now knew my true identity and my despair was transformed into my destiny.  He has commissioned me to serve you in this way and it is my highest joy and privilege!

I have been to Bible College, though I would not describe myself as a theologian! More recently I have been internationally Certified by Leadership Metaformation as a Christian Encounter Coach. I have also had extensive training in the prophetic over many years, as well leading prophetic teams and prayer ministry. I am currently being mentored on the Raising Prophets Course with the Global Prophetic Alliance. What I would add too is that the greatest training of all has not been found in a classroom it has been experienced on the course of my life.. learning to encounter Jesus in the challenges and the changes has been the greatest training of all. After all it is not what happens to us that makes the difference, it is what we then do…

I initially trained in Psychodynamic Counselling which was focused on understanding our childhood and the part that has played in our present. This laid an important foundation for my work. However I became a Christian during that training and it challenged me to reconsider how I work. God doesn’t want us to be in counselling for years, He wants us to have a lifestyle of encountering Him, the Ulti-Mate Counsellor!  He is more interested in re-writing our past and putting a new platform under us in the present.  I became fascinated in attachment theory and relationships, so I have devoted the last ten years to growing in this speciality. This has culminated in becoming Internationally Certified as both a Christian Encounter Coach and a Couple Therapist.

I have received extensive training in Emotionally Focused Therapy, the model of couple therapy that has the highest success rates. I have also been Internationally Certified as a Couple Therapist by the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy.  In addition I am trained to Level 2 in the Gottman method.

As well as being Internationally Certified as a Couple Therapist in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and with Leadership MetaFormation as a Christian Encounter Coach, I am also Accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the Association of Christian Counsellors.

I was the Manager of an Addiction Treatment Programme  at a Priory Hospital for five years, and had a student counselling placement for two years before that, some twenty years ago! Since then I have worked for other Counselling Services, and as a specialist Couples Therapist at  Marriage Care and Relate. I am currently in private practice and work with couples as part of a London Clinic.  In total I have at least 8000+ client hours, and I have worked with at least 400 clients. Because of the nature of online sessions, I have also had the privilege of serving clients in 11 different countries!

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Here at Becoming Bride we are always wanting to know how to bless you and to champion you on as the Bride of Christ! So if you have any queries or questions, please just reach out and we will be happy to respond to you!