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As seen in:

As seen in:

'Very good at getting to the root of the issues...'

“I thought that Andrea was very good at getting us to the root of the issues that were causing my wife and I some difficulties.  Andrea was practical, and came up with strategies for us to be more mindful in our communication, helping us to avoid our negative spirals into conflict.  Andrea has done a nice job of facilitating improvements!

'I feel more confident in my relationship...'

“We argue less, and for shorter periods when we do. It is a journey, and we have a lifetime left to travel, but I feel more positive about the future and confident in my relationship than I did six months ago.”

'Very productive...'

“By getting us to focus on what really matters in our relationship, Andrea was able to help us see that what we thought were disagreements about money were really about our fears, insecurities and need for autonomy.  The work we did together in the past month was very productive.”

Sincere Words from Our Clients

'A skilful and empathic professional...'

“Andrea helped us resolve the sticky issues we had about a pre-nup agreement and wedding.  We feel more confident and prepared now to deal with any of these issues that might come up in the future.  She is a skilful and empathic professional.”

'My session was transformational...'

“My session with Andrea was transformational. Her gentle yet authoritative and non-judgemental approach was reassuring. I felt heard, valued and then she led me through a prayer session with Jesus in which we encountered God in a safe way together. Her wise and quiet manner encouraged me to explore Jesus’ love for me and enabled me to discover new promises and truths of the word of God. A wonderful moment of healing and breakthrough all highlighting God’s goodness, hope, love and even joy.  If you have the opportunity for a session with Andrea, take it! You will meet with Jesus in a new way! “

'Deep personal connection with God...'

“Andrea is incredibly well attuned in drawing the focus of our sessions exactly where they need to go. I put this down not only to her extensive training, but also to her deep personal connection with God. I think it’s rare to find a therapist who has the people skills, training, connection with Holy Spirit, and the ability to marry these things together in an effective way.”

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