Its too easy to settle for crumbs, when we should only settle for Christ! I don’t know about you but I have so felt the Spirit challenging me lately to keep on pressing in! I want to encourage you today that your Promised Land is just in sight…!

Birthing this website has been a labour of love!  There were many times that I nearly gave up, even before I started. It felt too hard, there were too many challenges and so many negative thoughts to contend with along the The enemy sometimes reminds us what we have done before which wasn’t successful, or whispers into our ear that we are not good enough.

After all there are always those he can point to who seem to be doing ‘it’ better, or the fact that they are doing ‘it’ at all can be reason enough to be persuaded to give up.

I have so often said to myself ‘what’s the point?’

The enemy so wants you to settle for where you are. And guess what, if we do what we’ve always done we get what we’ve always got. This is a season change beloved, this is your time to go after the fullness. Blossoming is a promise of fruit, but the promise isn’t enough.

My heart for you, and even more so God’s, is that you continue to press in to see your promise fulfilled.

His fruit and fruitfulness are waiting for you! Where you feel weary I bless you with strength, where your heart feels heavy I bless you with joy. You have come this far, not to give up now… you are so close to breaking into your promised land. Don’t let the enemy convince you to settle, your Bridegroom King is passionately championing you on! He is your prize and He is your greatest cheerleader!

Philippians 3:14-16 

Like a man running a race, I try hard to reach the line so that I will receive the prize. Because we belong to Christ Jesus, God is calling us to receive this prize that he has for us in heaven.