We are in such an accelerated season right now and this is your long awaited moment!

The enemy wants you discouraged and defined by your past and by your pain. I feel the heart of Jesus for you even now, as He says “I have seen, and I have known… Not a cry of your heart or a tear from your eyes has gone unnoticed by Me. You felt like I had abandoned you in the long season of waiting and longing. I say to you that I have been doing a deep work in your heart. The enemy has wanted to sow seeds of disappointment but I tell you that this last season has been My appointment. You see I have been preparing you for this moment. I have not abandoned you but I have been branding you, branding you as My Bride…

I have allowed the longings of this world to be unmet in your life. I want to be your First Love, I long for you to come to Me with all of your heart, because only I can truly satisfy the longings of your heart. I long for you to know that where the world will always seek to woo you with it’s shiny objects, I always want to be your Shining One. The One who brings light into darkness and turns your night into day, so that you are shining too!

Such is this day My precious beloved, it is time to throw off the disappointment of the old season and to embrace My appointment. It is a new day, only defined by My love and My plans for your life. I hold the hope for your future and I have the keys to take you even in this very moment from broken to Bride…Come close to Me and hear My heart for you.”

Matt 6:33 So above all constantly seek God’s Kingdom and His righteousness, then all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.