Queen, Be

Queen Be, is your Boutique Bridal Blueprint for becoming His Bride.  This Ulti-Mate workbook is your invitation to partner with your Bridegroom King on your Ulti-Mate journey.  With beholding Him at the heart of this experience, this will be your opportunity to encounter Jesus for your transformation at every level of your life.  Indeed Behold is the first module of this Boutique Bridal Blueprint and will be central to all the others which are:

Begin, Be, Be-loved, Believe, Belong, Betroth, Benefit, Beautify, Beatify, Bedeck, Bejewel, Become




Queen, Be is the product of a dream from God!  This Bridal Blueprint for preparing the end-time Bride was received as a download from Heaven, and it includes 12 modules for your Bridal Make-over that cover every aspect of Bridal identity, intimacy and destiny. This really is your Ulti-Mate!


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