“Beloved, this is the time to run into My arms, run with Me, run for me, so that together we are in sync and we are one in the Spirit. Then you will run unfettered and free. In this accelerated season you will feel like you are running so fast that you feet won’t touch the ground. That’s because you will be flying in the Spirit!

Do I not say that your times are in My hands, and now it is time, My Bride, for you to know the times and the seasons. This is the season to run, to surrender to Me, to lean on Me and give yourself fully to this race that you have been called to run.

This is not the rat race of this world, but the Right Royal Race of your Bridegroom King who has designed you to run the race of your dreams. This race will cause you to feel more alive than ever before.

Embrace Me, your Jesus, the lover of your soul, and you will run into more fulfilment, freedom and fruitfulness than you have ever known. My love, I have called you for such a time as this…